Gin & Tonic Pairing Masterclass

Learn the history and science behind gin and tonics, and the best way to make them at home.

Very few people know that the ubiquitous gin and tonic combination originated in the jungles of Malaya. This workshop will take you through how necessity created a cocktail and how popularity took the drink very far away from its roots. Finally we will learn how the modern craft movement bought the drink back to the philosophy of the original drink.

You will taste three very different styles of gin with 5 different types of tonic waters. And once you choose your favourite from each pairing, the bartenders will make you a full gin and tonic of your preferred pairing. Finally, you will get to garnish your drink with botanicals of your choice to complete your perfect G&T.

You will also be served samples from our food menu to line your belly as you proceed through the workshop.

PS: This will be a boozy session, you will have about 225ml or about 7 standard drinks by the time you are done.

Craft Cocktail Masterclass

Craft cocktails are more than just stirring, shaking or pouring drinks over ice. What is not evident is how the magic happens, and this masterclass will give you front row seats to how we do it.

This workshop will take out all the industry mumbo jumbo and break down the art of creating craft versions of classics libations.

You will learn how to create two classic cocktails, one stirred and one shaken. You will then proceed to create your own version of the classic cocktails under our guidance.

You will also be served samples from our food menu to line your belly as you proceed through the workshop.

Zoom Cocktail Masterclass

We can bring our cocktail masterclasses into your living room. Make great cocktails at home and impress your friends and colleagues!

The team will dial in via Zoom, so expect good banter and get answers to all the questions you may have.

How does the masterclass work?

  • Prepared ingredients for each cocktail are delivered straight to your doorstep: booze, garnishes, tools and a recipe book.
  • We dial into a Zoom call with you guys.
  • We go over a bit of history and the science behind each cocktail.
  • You get detailed instructions on how to make the drinks.
  • As you enjoy your drinks, you can ask all the questions you have about cocktails.
  • Our bartenders will also give you extra information on how you can create your own cocktails at home.

We are flexible on timings & delivery addresses.

Timings are flexible, so you can figure out a time with your friends and we can hold the session at your convenience.

To make things easy, we will send you a Calendly link with some timing options. But if you do not find a timing that suits you, just reach out and we will make it work.

We can send more than one kit to a single location and we can deliver the kits to multiple locations.