At The Spiffy Dapper, we try to go the elemental basics of each drink and build up our drinks from the philosophies and ratios that we derive. Our work on cocktails is based on three core theories formulated by Abhishek C George, the founder and head retard.

The Theory of Balance

Balance is the synchronized stimulation of the basic flavor profiles. The basic flavor profiles are defined as: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory.

The full article on the theory and the deduction of the theory is available at this Medium post written by Abhishek C George.

The Theory of the Cocktail

A cocktails must have at least three parts. A base spirit, a balancer and a lengthener. A cocktail can have two additional parts. The modifier and the stabilizer.

The Theory on the Process of Art

The process of art is the interpretation of a phenomenon through reflection and transference.

These theories and corresponding equations lay the foundation how we approach cocktails. From here, we do flavour studies with the use of mind maps and use these as the foundation for when we create and execute drinks.