Geranium Premium London Dry

Whoever said chemistry class isn’t useful should be given a smack on the head. We’d like to think that the skilled chemist Henrik Hammer agrees, at least. Armed with classical scientific training, Hammer and his son, who has loads of experience as a judge at gin tastings, spent many months in search of a recipe for a versatile gin that goes with crisp or fruity mixers. Unfortunately, Hammer Sr. did not live to see the day the first bottle hit the stores.

A perfect mix of ten fresh and dried botanicals including geranium (no surprises there) and two secret ingredients are used. This is an outstandingly smooth gin with strong citrus-rosy Geranium aroma. The aftertaste is a long, fresh and slightly bitter piney juniper finish that carries further floral notes.

Paired with Fentimans Tonic, lemon zest, lemon biscuit and a lime wedge.