We Suck, But Singapore is Awesome.

We are not great at cocktails or service. Come to think of it, we are pretty bad at everything we do. But we are exceptionally good at drinking. That is one capability that we have developed as a core value in the last decade.

So you can trust us when we say “do not give up on this town”. Singapore has some pretty legit joints and they are pretty good at showing you a good time. Great service and great drinks. Even great banter and decent lighting. We have listed some of our favorites in this list for you to visit. Enjoy plebs.

Some of these places get really busy and you may need to reserve tables. Most bars open for an extra hour on Friday and Saturday. Try to get in at least half an hour before closing. Have fun exploring these great bars and their cocktails.

  • Good Bars
  • Great Bars
  • Shitty Dapper
  • Cool Bars

There is no particular order for this list. Alphabetical or otherwise. So do not get your panties all twisted.


Glamorous art-deco space at the Regent Hotel. Good cocktails, food and amazing hospitality by the team. Jay Gatsby would very much approve.