Some of you know Spiffy as the worst bar in Singapore. Some know us as the place to steal cool coasters from. But some others, for reasons unknown to us, keep coming here for Gin and Tonics.

This problem started with George’s fetish for all things that are easy to make. But it has now turned into an expensive obsession. So we have found a new way to get rid of all the fucking gins that George has been obsessing over.

Enter the Spiffy Dapper Gin Club!

It took us a while to convince him but he is like soft putty after a couple of negronis. But the bastard has imposed certain caveats on the deal.

He gets to do a Gin and Tonic pairing workshop for every new member to talk his heart out about gin and tonics and flavour profiles and all that crap.

He will give one bottle (or two) of gin every month to each member to enjoy at the bar. The Spiffy team will make gin and tonics and cocktails for you.

He gets to arrange frequent masterclasses with the egotistical ingrates who distill and educate about the gins and gets to invite you guys to the sessions.


George will go on and on about gins, tonic waters and some dicey sciencey shit. You will also get to pair three different styles of gins with five different styles of tonic water. Feel free to ignore him while he talks. Read More >> 

As long as you want. Because no matter what you do you will not reach ‘George’ levels of hoarding.

Everything from well-known brands like Monkey 47 and Botanist to obscure brands that you have not heard off yet. You will get an email every month to help you choose the gin for the month.

Any drink concocted with your bottle(s) of gin is free of charge. This includes gin and tonics, negronis, martinis, gin old fashioneds and the like.

Abso fuckin lutely. The more the merrier as far as we are concerned. Each member gets one free Gin and Tonic Pairing Masterclass. If you are bringing your friend along to one of those, your friend will get 10% off the regular price.

Distillers and brand ambassadors will come by and drone on about what they do and how they do it. There is a slight chance you might enjoy yourself and maybe get a bit tipsy.

George is a crazy person. Heed him no mind.


Payments are processed via Stripe. You will be charged every month on the same date and you can cancel anytime.

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